Burger Station at Home

This is an overdue post. When my urticaria was super active, all I could eat was beef and pork so burger patties made a lot of appearances on the dinner table. One night, I decided to make a simpler version of my burger and ended up making a DIY burger station for dinner. Actually, it was the chips that Jeff Mauro (The Sandwich King) that inspired me to make this. I don't have a mandoline. I have a mini version which I think I got from Daiso and it couldn't slice the big potatoes properly so I tried to slice them by hand as thinly as I could. Don't try making chips if you don't have a mandoline. I got a mix of soft and crunchy chips.

I'll post a proper recipe of the chips once I get them right.

As for the burgers, here we go.

ALLERGY ALERT - PICKLES, (Pickles are high in histamine and I reacted to them after eating just 2 pieces) barbecue sauce (barbecue sauce contains ketchup or tomatoes)

You need:

salt and pepper

1/2 kilo ground beef
salt and pepper
1T cornstarch
2T barbecue sauce

burger buns

potato chips

Let's do this!

Let's make the caramelized onions first. Slice up the onions. Heat some butter in a pan. Add the onions. Let this cook until they are soft and reduced. Leave them alone! Season with salt and pepper and set aside. 

In a bowl, combine all the ingredients of the burger and form into patties. You can put them on the grill, on the stovetop or bake them. It's up to you. 

Assemble with your favorite condiments and greens. Easy peasy!


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