Meatballs and Flautas

My husband is a big rice eater. My son and I are not. We can go the whole week without rice. So, once in a while, I cook a meal that does not involve rice. Like this one.

First off, the meatballs are Chinese meatballs I bought from a Chinese Hopia shop. They are already cooked, packed and ready to eat so I just reheated them in the oven. They came with a sweet sauce which I couldn't decide if I liked or not. Sweet and sour sauce is still the best for me.

As for the flautas,

You need

lumpia (spring roll) wrappers 
taco seasoning

salsa and sour cream for the dipping sauces. I just used bottled salsa.

Let's do this!

Mix the beef and the chopped onions. Season with taco seasoning and a little bit of water. Check the package directions if any.  Place about a tablespoon or a little bit more of the beef mixture on the wrapper depending on your wrapper size and top with a slice of mozzarella. Fold. Close the sides with a brush of water or egg wash. Fry in oil. Drain. That's it! Serve with the dips. 


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