Pork and Tofu Stir Fry

I love this dish, mainly because I love celery. I used to hate celery when I was younger. I think blue cheese made the difference. Anyway, this is another super quick and easy dish to cook for hectic nights.

You need:

pork strips
Chinese cooking wine
1 teaspoon cornstarch
a dash of sesame oil
a dash of soy sauce
a dash of white pepper

tofu, cut into strips and fried

green bell peppers
sliced celery
sesame oil
white pepper
soy sauce 

Let's do this!

Marinate the pork strips in the Chinese cooking wine, cornstarch, sesame oil soy sauce and white pepper. Set aside. 

In a wok, heat some oil. Add the green peppers and stir fry just until bright green and done. Remove from the wok. In the same wok, add the sliced celery and stir fry. Remove. Be sure to add more oil before each ingredient.  Add the pork and cook. Add the cooked tofu. Add the bell peppers and celery. Season with soy sauce, salt, white pepper and a dash of sesame oil. Let cook for 2 minutes and serve with rice. 


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