Southern + Italian?

If you read my blog from time to time, you might have read my attempt at making Southern Style Chicken. Here's another twist to that recipe.

In the first recipe I marinated the chicken in milk. This time, I boiled the chicken wings first to remove most of the blood and the fishy smell (langsa). I'm very particular about my chicken. If I smell a little blood or taste something odd, I stop eating. I give it to my cats. I want my chicken (as well as beef) well done.

I mixed some flour, cornmeal and Italian seasoning in a bowl. Added some salt and pepper and dredged the chicken wings in this coating mix. Then off they went to the frying pan.

This was even better than the first one! (In my opinion). I love how the skin became crispy and the meat was not too tender but not too rubbery as well. And the bones, oh the bones... You could eat even the small bones of the wings! They were crunchy, like Max's spring chicken.

I will definitely make this again in the future.


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