Mixed Veggie Bento

This is like your regular chopsuey. Saute vegetables of your choice. I used carrots, button mushrooms, wombok pechay, baby corn and cauliflower. I think it also has some red bell peppers. I also added some chicken chunks and cooked quail eggs. Then season with light soy sauce and pepper. If you want to thicken the sauce, add some cornstarch dissolved in water.

That's lumpiang shanghai that I bought from Landmark. It's actually good. It has big ham pieces and shrimps. If I remember correctly, the brand is Yam Cha. It's the same brand that I buy for siomai and fried dumplings. Unlike other brands, this brand actually has edible stuff inside the wrapper. On the lower quad are banana slices and espresso chips from French Baker. Easy breezy.


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