Zippy Sweet n Sour Bento

Because of lack of meds, I am experiencing crazy symptoms such as dizziness, nausea and a lack of appetite so I haven't been able to eat a lot. I only eat small portions so that I can keep them where they should be.

This sweet and sour chicken is soooooooo easy to make. Fry chicken poppers. Prepare Del Monte sweet and sour sauce according to package directions. Place in a pan and heat. Simmer mixed vegetables (packed frozen) then add chicken poppers. That's it!

Also in the bento are mashed potatoes and butterd haricot vert or French beans which I got at Landmark for P90 for 200 grams. The rice is for MB. I only ate the mashed potatoes and beans and some chicken. Poor me.... huhuhu. Still, it was a nice, filling lunch.


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