Chicken Curry and Salad Dinner

Yes, I know the combination is weird but sometimes my taste in food is really weird. For example, I like eating leftover pasta with fried rice. I share this pasta + rice combo love with my friend Ana. When I eat chips, I have to eat some form of chocolate. Not just potato chips (like Royce) but all forms of junk food. I can list more but that might gross you out already so on with this meal.

This is the fastest curry recipe out there as it uses roux! That's the equivalent of our broth cubes. I bought the Golden Curry brand from Hatchin and this is just medium heat. You can choose the spiciness of the curry indicated in the box. I sauteed some garlic and onions and cooked the chicken wings. Added some carrots and potatoes and waited for the vegetables to cook a little then added some water. I intended to make the curry's sauce thin. I can't take too much curry. For it to be this light, I only used 2 cubes from a 4-cube pack. Then season with salt and pepper or just plain salt if you think that the spices are already enough.

On the side is just a lettuce-tomato salad with thousand island dressing. I had the salad for dessert...weird...


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