Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kisu Furai and Salad Bento

I've been experimenting with ways to cook this butterflied fish. This one has been cooked in sesame oil, light soy sauce, mirin and sake. First, I fried the fish for just a short time then poured the sauce. Tucked in the little corner are buttered beans and carrots. Under the fish is an onigiri topped with sesame seeds and taking up most of my bento space is the salad. I was the only one who had baon that day as MB was out doing some errands. That explains the salad surplus.

Note regarding the fish: I think the best way to cook this fish is tempura style. It has tiny bones that don't get cooked through when just frying. When it's cooked tempura style, you don't notice the bones at all. Still, it's a bargain at P130 a tray. I saw one tray at SM last Sunday and it costs P225. Yahoo!

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