Very Spicy Tuna Pasta

I've been getting sick more frequently. This was my lunch the other day I stayed home. I needed something fast and easy to cook. Solution? Pasta and canned food! I used Century Tuna hot and spicy and canned tomatoes.

Saute garlic and onions in a little oil (a lot if you're using EVOO). When fragrant, dump the contents of the tuna can. Mash the tuna a little to separate the meat. Add some black olives. Pour the contents of one canned tomatoes. I use the whole peeled ones. Pour everything even the tomato water. By the way, is that really tomato water? It looks like pureed tomato to me. Anyway, let this simmer and season with salt, pepper, basil and oregano if you want. Also add a little sugar depending on your taste, just to control the acidity of the tomatoes. Mix with the pasta. Serve this with bread.

Do I like it? Not so much. I don't like the spiciness of the tuna. It's too much. It's baduy already but that's just me. I like spicy food but the spice accentuated the fishiness of the tuna and I don't like that taste. If you like spicy food and you can tolerate the fishy taste, I really think you should try this one especially if you're a guy and you're all alone and you fend for yourself. Enough with the cup noodles and pancit canton already! This is too easy to make. Heck, it might even impress a girl. And if you're a mom who's strapped for time, just replace the hot and spicy tuna with the regular one and add a little more sugar for the kids.

I wasn't able to finish my meal but I did eat the mangoes though. The pasta didn't go to waste. My babies had a grand time eating it.


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