Monday, October 12, 2009

Another Spinach Rice and S&R Dinner

Were you able to shop at S&R's 4-day sale? We had a blast there. Most people opted to buy furniture and kitchenware. We hoarded food! Starting with their roast chicken which is my absolute favorite (I hate SM's roast chicken). The first time I tasted this, I was amazed that it didn't need any sauce. It can very well stand on its own. I served this with another version of spinach rice. This time I used onions instead of garlic, canola oil instead of olive oil and Maggi Magic Sarap. I guess all those Magic Sarap commercials got through me. It was delicious unless you hate instant seasoning. In that case, you can read the original recipe here.

I also had salad greens on the side which was drizzled with sun dried tomato dressing from Kraft, also from S&R.

How was dinner? See how much rice that is? I ate about 2 cups, Migraine Boy finished everything that was left.

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