Chicken Nuggets and a Pepperoni Siding

This is a backlog post from the 'no rice' series. We only had frozen chicken nuggets in the freezer and so not wanting to bring a generic lunch, I decided to experiment with the newly bought bag of pepperoni.

I was thinking pepperoni and tomato sauce go good together right? So why not make a side dish out of it. I sauteed some garlic and onions in olive oil then added the pepperoni. I let this cook for a while then poured half a can of crushed tomatoes then let it simmer. I seasoned this with salt and pepper and parsley. Before serving, I sprinkled the grated Quickmelt cheese on top then nuked it for a minute. It tasted like pasta and pizza together, without the noodles and the crust! I enjoyed this more than the tasteless chicken nuggets.


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