I found some Yakisoba sauce at Saizen last week. I love Yakisoba so that's the first thing that I grabbed at Saizen. It wasn't what I expected though. It was too sour so I added some soy sauce and brown sugar. Yakisoba is a junk food staple in Japan. It's fairly easy to make.

Saute some onions, carrot, bell peppers and cabbage in a pan. Add meat if you want. This yakisoba that I made does not have meat because we didn't have any but I usually cook this with beef sukiyaki. Make sure to remove the beef from the pan when it's cooked as it will toughen up when left for too long. At this point, when you are using yakisoba noodles, you can add some water to your pan, about 1-2 cups, then place the noodles and cover the pan to steam the noodles until cooked. When cooked, season with yakisoba sauce.

In my case, I used egg noodles so I removed most of the veggies first before steaming the noodles. When the noodles were done, I just added the veggies and seasoned it with yakisoba sauce, soy sauce (Kikkoman) and some brown sugar to control the acidity of the yakisoba sauce. One mistake I made is use Kikkoman. The egg noodles were too thick that Kikkoman was not able to flavor it as much as I wanted to. Next time I will use dark soy sauce. Top with spring onions before serving.

Lady E's notes: If you want to cook yakisoba but you don't have yakisoba sauce, turn to this entry. If you feel really lazy but want some yakisoba, you can buy a yakisoba pack that comes with noodles and sauce for P198 at the Japanese section at Landmark, Makati. This is expensive because it's made in Japan. Never buy noodles, especially cup noodles (that claim to be Asian flavored) that are US made as they taste terrible. It's too Americanized. I have yet to try that yakisoba pack out and will post an entry as soon as I do.

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