Fish and Vegetable Kebab

I've been making seafood kebab for years now. I always use the same ingredients - lemon or calamansi for the souring agent, sugar or honey for the glaze and Maggi Savor or salt for flavor. And of course, the ever reliable pepper. This is the first time that I'll be tasting Portobello mushrooms. I often use fresh button mushrooms or other vegetables. I also use shrimps, scallops and squid for my kebabs. I don't buy Portobello mushrooms because they're too expensive and it has only been a few months since they made an appearance in the Landmark Supermarket in Makati. One tray costs P188 but I think it's worth it. There were more than 10 pieces of mushrooms inside. It's made in Malaysia though. Local farmers, can't we grow Portobello mushrooms here? You've got a great market for it in the city! If you can lower the price, I promise I'll buy Portobello mushrooms every week!

If you feel that the fish you're using is too malangsa (fishy smelling), Squeeze some lemon juice or calamansi juice onto them, making sure all sides come in contact with the juice then rinse with running water. For the marinade, put the fish fillet, chopped onions, red bell pepper and mushrooms in a bowl. Put some calamansi or lemon juice in a separate bowl. Add some honey or brown sugar, a splash of Worcestershire sauce, some Maggi Savor classic and a little salt and pepper. Let this marinate for 3 minutes while you prepare the grill or in my case, a huge pan. Brush the grill or pan with olive oil. You can also add some olive oil to your marinade to be sure that your kebabs won't stick to the grill. Place the stove on low heat because you still have to skewer your fish and veggies. Place the kebabs, about 3 at a time and brush with the marinade. This cooks under 5 minutes. Be sure to turn every now and then.

Oh, wow. The reason why I don't cook this often is because I want the taste to remain special. It feels so good to savor every bite with rice. MB dipped this in his favorite Kuratsoy. As for the Portobello? Well, it was okay. Nothing special there.

I removed the kebabs from the two sticks and reheated it with EVOO and more Maggi Savor the next day for a wonderful baon. This time the mushrooms rocked! I think I'll be experimenting more with this ingredient when budget permits


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