Sweet Meaty Pasta

Migraine Boy aka Master Fryer is the typical Pinoy who loves sweet pasta. I made this dish for him. I don't like sweet pasta and I always look for my herbs in a pasta. This is also kid-friendly for all you international readers out there. And don't worry, this isn't sickeningly sweet. 

Boil pasta according to package directions. This is the other half of the pasta from my previous post. I cooked this after a few days. In a pan, put a little oil then brown some ground sirloin beef. Wait till all the liquid has evaporated then add a little oil if needed. Add some chopped garlic and onions. And because I can't eat an all-meat pasta, I added some button mushrooms. Season with salt and pepper then add Del Monte Filipino-Style Spaghetti Sauce. For international readers, you can probably find this in Asian/Filipino groceries. If you can't find one, you can add sugar to the tomato sauce. Some Filipinos also add banana ketchup to make it sweet. I served this with some buttered-garlic baguette. I bought a baguette at French Baker and asked them to slice it for me. I just slathered some butter and sprinkled some bottled garlic chips from Iligan. (They're the makers of Sukang Pinakurat). Toast for a few minutes.  

Master Fryer wolfed down half of this plus 2 slices of baguette.


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