Adobo Rice and Eggs Bento

This is what happens when I'm running late on a Monday morning. I screw up the baon. Even though the appearance is not so appetizing, I still make sure that the taste is good. 

We have our breakfast in the office. Usually, we only pack some bread or muffins or something that doesn't need reheating and is not troublesome to pack. I still refuse to buy food even from reputable sources. Budget, budget, budget.

But last week, my officemates were eating fried rice almost everyday and we had breakfast together. I can't resist the smell of fried rice so I told them that it smelled really good. They said that it only costs P5! 3 viands plus one rice = P25! So imagine my shock (and probably horror). I couldn't believe it! Where in the world did the cooks get the ingredients for a 5-peso fried rice? Must be leftovers but still... Oh, for international readers, that's like half a dollar or less. Does that raise any eyebrows or what?

So during the weekend, I was determined to make fried rice for our Monday morning breakfast. Luckily, we had leftover adobo from our Sunday lunch. I asked the waiter to pack this for take away. (Yes, I don't leave food on the table even when I'm eating out. When we eat at fast foods, we usually get the leftovers (even the bones) to take home to our cats. That's how much I hate wasting food. ) This will be perfect for fried rice, I thought. 

For the fried rice, I heated a little oil in a pan. Then dumped the adobo flakes. I added some garlic crunch and chopped spring onions. Then I added the rice. I seasoned everything with Maggi Savor classic. I cooked this on Sunday night. The eggs, on Monday morning.

Since I was running late, I was in such a rush that I broke the yolk of MF's egg so that's how it came out. (Ooooops!) It was okay because he wants well done eggs. I, on the other hand, like runny eggs. If you noticed, I cut off the white part. I only eat the yolk. For some reason, I have difficulty breathing when I eat the egg whites.

Yes, the four containers were all filled with rice and we finished everything. Burp!


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