Chili Prawn Crab Meat and Salted Egg Fried Rice

Aaaaargh! I had very high expectations from this dish! This was supposed to be my rock star breakfast of the week. But the salted eggs disappointed me big time. How, you say? They were not salty at all!!!

The worse part is, I didn't put salt or any seasoning on the rice because I thought the salted duck eggs would suffice. I was sulking when we had this for our breakfast. MF was just sweet enough to finish his share. 

Anyway, if you decide to cook this, make sure that you buy decent salted duck eggs. DO NOT buy SM BONUS Salted Eggs! They cost around P24 for 4 eggs. It should have been labeled as boiled duck eggs and not salted eggs. At first I thought the rice cut the saltiness but when we ate this as is, they were really tasteless. I feel really bad for my P24...

You're gonna need the leftovers from this dish. Just heat in a little oil then add some cold mashed rice. Mix well. Add chopped red eggs. Taste. Season with salt, soy sauce or Maggi Savor if you need to. I hope you'll have a better breakfast than I did. 


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