I Love Garlic!

But I like vampires too so that seems to be a problem.  = )

Anyway, when MB went home to Iligan last year, I asked him to buy a bottle of garlic chips. They were really good. I used them a lot – on rice, pastas, viands, etc. Until one day, they ran out.

They don’t sell that particular brand here so I looked for another. Found this:

all natural garlic mill, by 240baon
Anti-Vampyr Chips

It’s an all natural garlic mill. It tastes good but my only problem is it dispenses too little of the garlic chips. They’re so fine and it takes me a long time to get enough (I like putting a lot of garlic in my dishes) of the chips. I think westerners really don’t like too much garlic. If MB  goes back to Iligan then I'll be sure to ask him to buy me a couple of bottles of those wonderful garlic chips. But until then, this will be a good substitute.

This costs Php95 at The Landmark.


  1. Garlic chips addict! hehe. I like garlic only in the Jollibee meal the 39ers meat something.

  2. Haha! Yes, I confess. I am an addict.