Friday, January 13, 2012

Deconstructed Adobo

MB adores adobo. One time, we had dinner at my grandma’s place and he really loved the adobo grandma cooked so a few days after, I decided to make a batch. But this time deconstructed.


I first boiled the chicken and tore the meat from the bones. Then I fried them in oil. I added some water and some Sukang Pinakurat. Yes, that vinegar from MB’s hometown that he cannot live without. I was experimenting at this point. I didn’t know how the dish would taste after cooking with the Pinakurat. We always use this as a  condiment, never cooked. Fingers crossed.

Then I added my usual slew of ingredients – garlic, bay leaf, peppercorns, patis, toyo and when I was about to reach for the sugar, I saw that the bottle was empty. What was I to do? The acidity of the vinegar will be too much so I needed something to break it. I saw my bottle of honey and used that. Again, fingers crossed. I cooked this until there was no liquid left.


This is my plate. I always eat some hardboiled egg with adobo. MB likes it too. Anyway, moving on to the taste. It was marvelous, I tell you! It was sour then a bit sweet then spicy. MB loved it. For the leftovers, I mixed them with cold rice and made some adobo fried rice. Just remember to season the rice with a bit of soy sauce.

I’m making this my signature adobo dish. I wonder if it works well with a soupy version. Hmm…

1 comment:

  1. Pinakurat in adobo, sure is a hit :)
    Gonna try this one when I get hold of a Pinakurat which is really rare here (in Baguio).



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