Monday, October 22, 2012

More Pan de Manila Goodies

Yesterday I forgot to buy breakfast food. I asked MB if he knew of any Pan de Manila stores nearby. He said they have one near his office but we were not sure if it’s open since it was a Sunday. Anyway, it was worth the trip as it would only take a few minutes. Good thing we did because from afar, I could see the lighted ‘OPEN’ sign. I have no idea why I feel so happy when I visit a new Pan de Manila shop. Probably because I didn’t have access to it when it first opened years ago. The only Pan de Manila closest to us is the one in EDSA and it was such a hassle to go there. Anyway, here’s what we had for breakfast today:

pan de manila pan de ube, 240baon

MB had Pan de Ube. Sorry, I can’t give you a review about this. I don’t like ube (purple yam) so much when it’s matched with bread.

pan de manila leche flan tart, 240baon

Mine was Leche Flan Tart. It looks like a regular egg pie on the outside but you would taste the difference once you bite into it. It’s smooth and creamy. It’s very different from an egg pie. It also doesn’t stick to the roof of your mouth. = )

I love the shell as it goes perfectly well with the leche flan filling. The filling is not too sweet while the shell is not bland at all. This comes in a box of 3. This was a leftover from Saturday’s breakfast.
I also got these goodies:

pan de manila ecotote 1, 240baon

This tote is the first one I got from a Manila branch. It costs Php25 and all your breads and other Pan de Manila goodies will fit into it nicely. Don’t make the mistake of putting heavy objects as I’m sure this bag will tear.

pan de manila ecotote 2, 240baon

I saw the eco tote again yesterday and told MB that I don’t know why I’m so drawn to these bags. Maybe it’s the size and shape or maybe it’s the chocolate color with the white print. I thought they only had one design and when I did a second look, I realized that this was different so I bought another one. If you think I’m an eco bag hoarder, well, you’re wrong. I actually use these bags when I’m shopping or when we have bazaars. I put my merchandise in it. They’re so much easier to carry around than an iBox.

So that was my Pan de Manila adventure yesterday. I have more Pan de Manila posts to show you so stay tune, okay?


  1. I love ube :D i wanna try that bread... and also the leche flan tart! tried the macapuno tart before & i liked it

  2. I think I will try the macapuno tart! Thanks for the tip!



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