Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Fish Post

This is a backlog post that I kept forgetting to write. I cooked this last month when I was craving for fish.

pampano with parsley and bacon bits, 240baon

This is pampano, a flat fish cooked in butter, olive oil, parsley and topped with bacon bits. This fish is so hard to cook if you don’t have a non-stick pan. The trick with cooking fish is you don’t bother it. When it’s ready to be flipped, that’s the time when it budges. This is a delicious meaty fish but I don’t think I will be cooking this any time soon as I really had a hard time keeping it together.

I served this with some baked eggplants topped with mozzarella cheese which MB dipped in my homemade salsa.

baked eggplants with mozarella, 240baon

homemade salsa, 240baon

This is a good dinner that I won’t be making any time soon.

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