Saturday, January 19, 2013

Simple Eats

When you’re hungry, sometimes you just don’t want to slave away in a kitchen. You want simple fast eats to satisfy your hunger. Here are a few of those simple eats.

porthos portuguese sardines in olive oil, 240baon

This is the Porthos Portuguese Sardines in Olive Oil. This is delicious. A can costs around Php54. Just open a can (reheat the sardines if you want) and eat with rice or bread. This is bland so I usually add some seasoning.

pan de manila herbed cream cheese, 240baon

herbed cream cheese, 240baon

If you need to down some merienda, buy a tub of this Pan De Manila Herbed Cream Cheese. It has garlic and parsley. The taste is overwhelming so be sure to put just a little at a time. Pair with some hot pandesal and your favorite drink!

mccormick korean soy chicken wings, 240baon

Lastly, this is the McCormick Korean Soy Chicken mix. Get some chicken pieces, coat with the mix and fry. Drain on paper towels, place the fried chicken in a container and pour the sauce and shake, shake, shake.

Sometimes it’s better to go the easy way when you’re hungry. It’s not always fun to cook in the kitchen, you know.

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