Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snacks that I Like

Here are photos of snacks that I like. Some I discovered just recently. Others are classic favorites.

lindt swiss thins, 240baon

MB brought this home as pasalubong one night. This was really good. We both love dark chocolate and this was wiped out fast.

lindt thin dark chocolate, 240baon

lindt dark chocolate thins, 240baon

Look how thin that is!

mnms, 240baon

M&M’s peanut. I like nuts in my chocolate. I even brought this to Cebu and we still have some leftovers! I only eat one or two pieces at a time so that kinda explains it. I also like the plastic jar as I can take it anywhere and pop one when my blood sugar gets low.

nachos, homemade salsa and sour cream, 240baon

Every once in a while I get a craving for Mexican food and that includes tacos, quesadillas and nachos! This is store bought nachos with my homemade salsa and some sour cream.

pepero almond box, 240baon

pepero almond sticks, 240baon

Pepero Almond by Lotte. I got this at S&R and served it at Christmas dinner. I got a box of 8 for only 250 pesos.

shrimp chips from hongkong, 240baon
This bag of shrimp crackers looks like Oishi’s but tastes way better. My sister got this in Hong Kong. I hope I can find it here. If you have spotted this in any of our local shops, I’d appreciate a heads up!

san pellegrino blood orange, 240baon

This is San Pellegrino Sparkling Blood Orange Drink. I got this in Cebu. We bought 6 cans.

san pellegrino aranciata rossa top, 240baon

I love the fact that the top of the can is covered.

san pellegrino in glass, 240baon

It tastes soooo good, like blood oranges! I only drank half a can and diluted it in lots of ice because I can’t take soda but it still tasted so good.

These are just some of my favorite snacks. I’ll post more as I discover new ones.

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