Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bulgogi Part 2

rib eye sukiyaki bulgogi, 240baon

So I tried making bulgogi again, this time using rib eye sukiyaki cut beef. This is way, way better than my first attempt but I still forgot to buy the sesame seeds. Pfffttt..

I also cooked some tofu with special sauce:

tofu with gojuchang, 240baon

The sauce is a mixture of gojuchang, Kikkoman, sugar and spring onions. It was supposed to have pressed garlic but I forgot. Anyway, these dishes were both delicious. I just wished I cooked some bean sprouts as another side dish. It would have balanced out all that saucy goodness.

For dessert, we had a bunch of fruits – pomegranate, mangosteen and marang.

pomegranate, 240baon

The pomegranate is from Landmark while the mangosteen and marang were pasalubongs from my sister who just got back from Davao with my grandma and uncle. Only MB feasted on the marang though as I didn’t like the smell.

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