Thursday, February 7, 2013

Malunggay Fish Crackers

I went grocery shopping last Monday and found a few goodies at Landmark. Here’s one of them:

mlgs malunggay fish crackers, 240baon

I love fish crackers but I’m very picky with the brands after that expose on a show in GMA a few years back. This is not the first time that I’ve seen malunggay fortified fish crackers. A fellow bazaarista of mine actually sells this but I’ve never tasted it. I always get the regular ones from her. Last Monday, I finally wanted to try it.

The texture is the same as regular fish crackers. They’re also crunchy. With this, I can definitely taste the malunggay. The manufacturer used anchovies for the fish and I could clearly taste that as well. The thing is, it was not a good combination for me. I didn’t like it plus it was a bit bland for my taste. I ate some for a snack with a glass of orange juice. I thought I was just getting used to the taste but I finally decided that it wasn’t for me. One bag costs Php35. Oh, well. I hope to find more fish crackers at Landmark. This was a real disappointment.

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