Thursday, February 14, 2013

Onion Rings

ore ida onion rings, 240baon

I love onion rings! Unfortunately, I have yet to find a really good onion ring in the metro. Onion rings are not popular here in the country. Fries are the preferred accompaniment to fast food meals. There’s Burger King but I’m not always happy with what they serve. They always differ in quality.

I saw a box of Ore Ida onion rings at the Supermarket and decided to try them. It costs around  Php95 and one box packs a lot of rings. I cooked 7 rings on my first try and found them to be heavy on the stomach. Don’t mind the burnt bananas. I like them that way. I ate these for merienda one afternoon. I liked the onion rings so much that I wished I had a burger with me that time. So after a few days, I ordered a burger and cooked 5 pieces of onion rings. They’re still heavy. Next time I’ll just cook 3 or 4.

These are delicious! It says on the box that they use chopped onions so it’s really not a ring. They just shaped the chopped onions into rings. Nevertheless, these were still good. I would buy more when my supply runs out and stop ordering onion rings from Burger King.

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