Thursday, March 7, 2013

MB’s Corned Beef Pasta

mb's corned beef pasta, 240baon

Last Monday night, we needed something to eat fast as my blood sugar was dropping and I was getting very dizzy. What’s a fast meal to cook? Pasta, of course! MB is still the chef of the house and he whipped this up for dinner.

This is a simple pasta dish with corned beef, mushrooms, garlic and onions, a few spices and Filipino style spaghetti sauce. Filipino style spaghetti sauces are sweet. MB loves them. I’m not a big fan but anything for my husband, right?

This dish was delicious nevertheless. It was seasoned well. It was so good that I forgot to take a  photo of it. He brought some to the office for lunch and I ate some for breakfast with a couple of batard slices. This is a good pasta dish for all you bachelors out there! Stop it with the food deliveries already!

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