Monday, June 3, 2013

The Big Breakfast from KFC

As promised, here’s the hearty breakfast that I enjoyed from KFC.

kfc big breakfast, 240baon

It comes with fried rice, chicken tocino, chicken longganiza, scrambled eggs and chocolate chip pancake.

kfc chocolate chip pancake, 240baon

Can I just say that I really, really liked the tocino? I’m not a huge fan of tocino but this was delicious! The rice is also better than McDonald’s and Jollibee just because it’s fluffy and not oily. I hate oily fried rice. Jollibee’s fried rice is usually drenched in oil.

I didn’t care for the longganiza. It tasted weird but I ate it nevertheless. The scrambled eggs were too salty so I didn’t eat that. I had the pancake for my morning snack and it was also delicious. It’s not too sweet even when I poured syrup on it.

I would definitely order this again. Kudos to KFC for a great delivery system. I ordered hot chocolate for MB and did not notice that they texted me to say that it was not available. I replied about 10 minutes after they texted. In spite of my late reply, they were still able to deliver my order in under 30 minutes. Beat that Chowking!

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