Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Infamous Sovital Bread

breakfast bacon, egg and sovital bread, 240baon

Last week my family decided to go to Baguio on a whim. I wasn’t able to go with them because of my health so I asked them to buy me two things – sovital bread and banana bread.

The banana bread was out of stock so they just bought me this. These were recommendations from pinkcookies.

I had very high expectations from the sovital bread. Unfortunately, the loaf that they got was dusted with so much flour on top. All I could taste was the flour. It also had a terrible flour after-taste. I would taste flour whenever I burped. Nevertheless, I still eat this because it’s not necessarily cheap at Php170 per loaf. I wouldn’t want to throw money away just because of the flour. I Just take off as much flour as I can. I’m thinking of just cutting off the top to remove all the flour.

I think I would have really liked this had not been for that ingredient. Next time I will tell them to choose the loaf with the least flour. Thanks again pinkcookies for the recommendation!

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