Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Snack Time

I love snacking at Red Mango while my husband loves Starbucks. When I got pregnant, I refused to eat anything from Starbucks.I just threw up every time we would eat there so my husband was so happy when I finally agreed to go with him. I ordered something safe:


This is corned beef pandesal which I always enjoy. This juice is delicious but it’s overpriced at Starbucks at Php115.

At Red Mango, we got:


Blueberries and granola crunch
Good ole chocolate chips for MB
Love the water bottle that is similar to Watsons only the top is red

They now also serve sandwiches. I think this is Asian Chicken BBQ. I’m sorry I can’t remember but it was good. Not great but I like it. This is good for sharing although my husband didn’t care for it so much so I ended up eating the whole thing. It’s a bit messy to eat though.

I’m wondering why they have The Landmark utensils at Red Mango:


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