Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lunch at KLCC

It was a 1-hour drive from the airport to KLCC so we only had time to eat lunch there. I wanted to do some shopping/window shopping but I guess that would have to wait until next time. Anyway, I wanted some local food but ended up with an Indonesian meal. Here’s what we had at the food court:


Sorry, I was sooo hungry that I started demolishing my plate. I forgot to take a photo. This is fried catfish with some sidings. That’s a piece of tofu and the other cube is made of beans or something. I didn’t like it. It reminds me of that sticky bean ingredient  that Mao used in the anime Cooking Master Boy. This was delicious! It was served with a bowl of flavorful soup.


My companion had chicken. She complained that it was so spicy. Well that’s because she took a spoonful of the chili sauce. I told her to put a little at a time on her chicken.


This was all RM8.90 per plate. Not bad in my opinion.

As she was going crazy over the spice, she decided to buy juice and kaya at Old Town White Coffee.



She got the honey lemon juice. I was able to taste the kaya and it was really good. Too bad I was already full when it arrived on the table. After everything that has happened on that day, I was glad to have a good lunch. I was hoping things would turn out for the better from this point on.

Stay tuned for more.

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