Ham and Cheese Wafflewich

My sister bought a waffle maker. I don't really like making waffles or pancakes at home as I think they are too much work for me. Yes, I am lazy like that during breakfast. But, I knew I would use her waffle maker for this purpose. My son likes ham and cheese so I made this wafflewich for him. It's very easy. If you have a waffle maker, try this at home.


some sliced white bread (sides removed)
butter (optional)

Let's cook!

If you want to use butter, spread them on either side of the sandwich. Place them on the waffle maker. Top with cheese and ham. Top with another bread and cook!

I sliced the wafflewich into strips so that my son would be able to eat them easily. I sometimes also cut them up into cubes so that he would just pop them in his mouth.

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