Cheesy Tuna Pasta

First of all, if you are a purist, please skip this post. I know seafood and cheese should not mix but Filipinos love cheese on their pasta, whatever it may be and they also like sweet spaghetti sauce. This is exactly all that. I made this one for my husband and son. 

This is a no-brainer dish. You can easily cook it if you are pressed for time. 

You need

a can of tuna, drained
spaghetti sauce, Filipino style
cheese, lots of it
Salt and pepper

Let's cook!

Saute some chopped garlic and onions in oil. When cooked, add the tuna. Break the big pieces. Add spaghetti sauce. Taste first before adding salt and pepper. Add cooked pasta into the sauce. Transfer to a baking dish and top with quick melting cheese. Pop in the oven until cheese melts. Serve with your favorite cold drink!


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