Fried Chicken Curry Wings

Does that sound weird? It actually sounds delicious to me. This was an experiment..and a successful one at that! A few weeks ago, I was craving for delicious Malaysian food. I wanted to make some Malaysian fried chicken but I did not have the ingredients so I ended up with this.

I didn't complain as it was delicious!

You need

Chicken wings
turmeric powder
curry powder
light soy sauce
ginger powder
chili powder

Let's do this!

Mix all the ingredients and marinate the chicken wings overnight. Fry in oil and serve. 

I served it with some coconut milk rice. I was really surprised because my son loved this dish. He is not a big fan of chicken curry (I blame you Ahne!) but he really, really liked this. He ate a lot. He also loved the rice. 

I didn't cook all the wings at once. I left some in the fridge. These marinated for 2 days and the flavor was out of this world. 

The color is better too, don't you think?

I served them with some of these fried eggplants which are a favorite in our house. I think I cook this weekly.

 Let me know how you find these chicken wings in the comments below!


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