Vietnamese Halo-Halo

Actually, this is more of a fruit salad and not like our regular halo-halo. By the way, halo-halo is a Filipino cold dessert.

It uses a mix of fruits. I got this from a show on the Asian Food Channel. As usual, I did not write down the recipe so I ended up recreating this from memory. This is not the exact recipe, by the way, as I like tweaking recipes to suit our tastes. 

It was so good that my glass ended up like this:

The next day, I recreated it and used a bowl instead of the fancy glass.

These are the blurry layers. 

If you're interested to make this, read on. 

You need:

chopped mangoes
chopped avocados
lychees (I used canned)
coconut water
sugar syrup
cubed dragonfruit
cubed seedless watermelon
coconut milk
crushed ice

Let's do this!

Layer the fruit starting with the watermelons then the mangoes, dragonfruit and avocados. Top with the lychees. Pour some coconut water, sugar syrup and coconut milk. Top with crushed ice. Mix them altogether before eating!

This is a refreshing dessert to serve on hot summer nights. My boys enjoyed it a lot. 


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