The Regulars

I like cooking something new every week but there are a few dishes that make their usual appearance at meal times. Here are some of them:

Any vegetable gisa or saute. For this set, I used chayote. It's a simple saute of garlic, onions and tomatoes. I added shrimps and cubed chayote. Pour some water and season with fish sauce, salt and pepper and you're done. This is a great side dish with meat. 

This is chicken and pork adobo. It's very dark because of the dark soy that I used. I also put onions in our adobo.  I really like onions. I cook adobo perhaps every two weeks. 

This dish makes a monthly appearance in our house. This is fried pork belly with tofu and bagoong (shrimp paste). It's like your usual binagoongan but drier. My husband really enjoys this dish. 

What are your regulars?


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