Bento for Lunch

My husband brings baon for lunch. He usually brings the leftovers but sometimes I like to prepare something special for him. Like Tuesday's lunch.

These are beef pancakes, a boiled egg and rice topped with nori. It looks like a lot of hard work but I prepped the night before. If you want to have this for your baon, here's what you need.

thinly sliced beef
salt and pepper
garlic powder
sesame oil
beaten egg

boiled eggs

cooked rice
sesame seeds

Let's do this!

Season the beef with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Massage sesame oil into them. Dredge in flour and then in the beaten egg. Fry in oil.

Blitz the nori, salt and toasted sesame seeds in the food processor. Sprinkle on top of the rice. 

I wanted to put everything in one lunch box but my husband's box is too small. I am looking for new lunch boxes for him that are not plastic but they are so hard to find. Please give me a holler if you know where I can get really good quality bentos. 

Oh, before I forget. We ate this for lunch as well and I added some sliced cucumbers with a dressing of vinegar, salt, sugar and pepper. Our lunch was delicious!


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