Fried Tilpia Fillets with Sweet and Sour Sauce

Oh, how I love fried fish and we have been eating tilapia for a few weeks now. Well, once a week, that is as I am allergic to seafood for the time being. My allergies are seasonal.  This is another version of my crispy fried tilapia which you saw in this post. This one features kid-friendly sweet and sour sauce.  By the way, I totally forgot to take a photo of the sauce but you know how it looks like.

You need:

tilapia fillets, sliced into kid-friendly pieces
salt and pepper
sliced carrots 
sliced red capsicums

For the sweet and sour sauce
1 small pack of pineapple tidbits (you can also use the crushed version which was what I originally wanted but it was out-of-stock)
1/4c water
2T brown sugar
1T banana ketchup
1T soy sauce
salt to taste
3T vinegar
cornstarch slurry (1T cornstarch dissolved in a little bit of water)

Let's do this!

Season the fillets with salt and pepper. Fry until crispy. Drain on paper towels.

In a saucepan, combine all the ingredients including the pineapple syrup except for the cornstarch slurry. Heat until bubbly for 5 minutes and then add the slurry. 

I promise you. This will be a hit with everyone!


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