Our Christmas Dinner Feast

We usually have a family dinner or lunch during Christmas and New Year but we skipped it this year because my cousins had a different schedule and my sister's couldn't coincide with theirs so we decided to just eat out at SamboKojin a few days before Christmas and watch Disney on Ice on Christmas Day, as our yearly tradition since my sister and I were kids.

When we got back, I suddenly decided to cook a feast. I didn't want to eat leftovers on Christmas and I was still on a high as my immediate family, along with my mom and sister got to spend time together, which is very rare. So, I put that extra strength to good use and cooked these:

Pancit Canton

(As my general rule, I don't post a recipe of something I'm not very good at but this version turned out really tasty. My husband and son couldn't get enough of it. I used shrimps, chorizo and squid balls for the meat. For the veg, carrots, cabbage and beans.)

Pork barbecue

This was the only dish I was planning to cook so I marinated it before we left. I used soy sauce, banana ketchup, 7-UP, brown sugar, calamansi juice, minced garlic, salt and pepper for the marinade. Just mix all ingredients and let the pork soak in all that flavor overnight/eight hours. Don't forget to soak your sticks in water before grilling. 

My boys were sure glad that I decided to cook dinner that night. 


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