My "Controlled" Breakfast

When my urticaria was super active, my diet was also super controlled. Breakfast was the hardest to plan. I am so thankful that I am only allergic to egg whites. Otherwise, I wouldn't know what to eat for breakfast! Breads were out of the picture during this time. I was left with only fruits and vegetables.

For this breakfast, I had a poached egg (only ate the yolk), some sliced marble potatoes cooked in olive and seasoned with salt and pepper, some steamed asparagus (which I love dipping into the runny yolk), 1/4 cup of rice, one cubed apple and I tasted one slice of luncheon meat. This breakfast was so good and so filling that I prepare it still even though my urticaria is in remission. Well, with the exception of the luncheon meat. I'm staying away from canned and processed food. If you have urticaria or any allergies, you might want to introduce more vegetables and fruits into your diet. It has helped me tremendously. I hope it will help you too!


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