Kitchen Finds at Landers

We finally went to Landers over the weekend. For those of you not familiar with it, Landers is a membership club like S&R but so much bigger. Most of the products are imported but they also carry some local stuff.

I took a lot of pictures so I'll be spreading them over all three blogs. Don't worry, I'll put the link to each one after the post.

I know you're excited so let's get started!

This ceramic non-stick cooker looks interesting. 

I really want this set!

Silicone baking liners! You shall be mine soon!

These are professional baking sheets. They are huge!

Microplane! They have Microplane! I know, I'm too ecstatic about a set of graters but I haven't seen this brand in the department stores. They are expensive though. 

Love these multi-colored set of knives. 

I really wanted to try these pickled mangoes but now is not the time. I think they will be great to add to some dishes. Soon...

Finally, this set of cooking utensils from Cuisinart. 

Landers is great. They have a ton of products and a ton of space so you can shop comfortably. Most of their imported items are not available in S&R. The prices are quite high but that's because they are expensive. We went to S&R after this shopping trip and I ended up buying more there than at Landers. 

Check out my haul in my mom and homeschool blog plus more items for your home, baby, travel, etc. 


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