Super Easy Breakfast

It's another breakfast post! It seems that I was motivated to whip up some good breakfasts during the week that I took these photos. Regulars of my blog know that I struggle with breakfast. If I didn't have a ton of work to do, I'd prepare an elaborate breakfast spread every day but that's not my reality. I do get blessed with days when I can do that. But for most days, I stick with simple stuff. Like this one. 

You need:

Pandesal ( I used Gardenia. The local baker tastes better)
Mozzarella slices
scrambled eggs
salt and pepper
dried parsley

Let's do this!

In a pan, cook some scrambled eggs. Each person has a different style of making scrambled eggs. I cook them in different ways every single time. For this time though, I separated the yolks from the whites because I'm allergic to whites. I mixed them together for my son's and husband's share. 

In a bowl, whisk the eggs and season with salt and pepper. Put some butter in a non-stick pan and let it melt. Be sure to spread it around the pan. Add the eggs and mix. You can also add a splash of milk. Some put mayonnaise. I skipped both this time. Season with dried parsley. Set aside. 

Let's assemble. Slice open the pandesal. Add a slice of Mozzarella. Top with the scrambled eggs. Pop in the oven at 150C for about 5 minutes or until cheese melts and bread is warm. Serve with some coffee, juice or hot chocolate. 


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