Chicken Adobo Flakes Baon

This is another easy baon. That's chicken adobo flakes in the small container. My first attempt at adobo flakes was not that satisfying. The meat burned. Hehe. I'm really bad at following recipes. For this second attempt, I just followed my usual way of cooking adobo.

As usual, I boiled the chicken. In another pan, fry some garlic in oil then add the boiled chicken. Cook until brown. Pour some vinegar and soy sauce. Add half a cup of water. Add about two shakes of Worcestershire sauce. Add some bay leaves and peppercorns. Boil until liquid is reduced to half.

Transfer to plate. Tear the meat. In the same pan, pour some more oil and fry the chicken meat. Pour the sauce a little at a time. Fry to desired crunchiness.

I packed this with garlic fried rice and a bear egg. MB's was a bunny egg smothered in sauce. That was a very satisfying lunch indeed.


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