Kimchi Rice Bento

I bought a tray of Kimchi at Kang's, our neighborhood Korean grocery here in Leviste. It costs P150. Since we're not really addicted to kimchi, I made kimchi rice.

Kimchi rice is very easy to make. It's like your regular sinangag or fried rice. The ingredients depend on what you like. I use Chinese luncheon meat, shrimp, chicken, squid strips, etc. Use any meat that you like.

Here's what I did. I cooked some Chinese luncheon meat and cut them into cubes. In a pan, heat chopped up kimchi. Add the rice mix very well. I then added the luncheon meat, seasoned with soy sauce, mirin and a little sugar. That's it! That's soggy leftover tempura on the side, dried squid strips also from Kang's which was by the way, absolutely delicious! Some Hershey's dark kisses and Easter M&M's for dessert. Simply marvelous!

Here's MB's bento. You can get these bento for P88 each at SM Makati Supermarket.


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