Corned Beef Rice and Soft Tofu with Grated Radish and Bonito Flakes

Can you tell these are leftovers? I really hate wasting food. I make use of everything that we have inside the ref. Aba! Food is so expensive na no! You can view the corned beef rice recipe here.

Before giving you the recipe for the tofu, let me warn you. This is an acquired taste. I used the leftover soft tofu used for the miso soup. I grated some Korean radish (the big ones) and washed and squeezed the juice out of them to remove the bitterness. I then put this in a pan and poured some Kikkoman, mirin and sake and let it simmer about 2-3 minutes. Remove from pan and put on top of soft cubed tofu. Add some bonito flakes and sliced leeks.

It tasted good with the corned beef rice and boiled eggs. Even MB ate a few bites of this. But when I ran out of miso soup, I stopped eating this. I told you, it's an acquired taste. We were not able to finish that serving. But if you're feeling adventurous and would like to try something new with soft tofu, I recommend you try this.

Lady E's extra notes: Be sure to squeeze out as much radish juice as you can. I made the mistake of not squeezing everything out and ended up with some bitterness. If you're still not sure, add more mirin and cook longer.


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