My Simple But Improved Yakisoba

I know, I know I promised not to post Japanese inspired meals for a while but I just had to post this. This is the best tasting yakisoba I've ever cooked. I used the yakisoba pack I bought from Landmark. It comes with pre-cooked noodles and a pack of yakisoba sauce. As I mentioned before, I find this a bit too sour. So what I did was I added more yakisoba sauce (the one from Saizen) and mirin. Yes, mirin! The only vegetables in this yakisoba are onions and red bell peppers but we didn't care. The noodles were so flavorful! We didn't even finish the saury because of the noodles. I'm doing this again and next time, I'm going to take a pic of the yakisoba pack so that you'd know exactly what to get when you're in the super.

If you want more yakisoba recipes, you can find them here and here.

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  1. I love mirin in salad dressings, stir fry and in soups for a special zing. Perfect for Yakisoba.