Hi there loyal readers of this blog! Today we will be flying off to Iligan to attend MF's sister's wedding. Please amuse yourselves with the recipes in the archives.

Another thing to do is build up your Holy Week menu. I have a lot of seafood and vegetable recipes that you can make for yourself and your family. I suggest the Japanese inspired meals. Also, if you're planning a trip, browse the archives for baon-friendly meals. After all, this is a blog dedicated to baons or packed lunches!

See you guys again next week and I hope my trip to Iligan will yield interesting food adventures!
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Sorry for the blurry pic. My cam was already low batt when I took this shot. This recipe is just like my previous shrimp recipes with the exception of the addition of dried chili flakes and Worcestershire sauce. 

To make, clean shrimps and devein. In a pan, add some oil. When hot, add some chopped garlic. I use a lot for this kind of dish. Add the shrimps. Season with patis (fish sauce) and Maggi Savor Classic. Add a couple shakes of Worcestershire sauce (because I'm weird like that). I think I also added the juice of one calamansi (calamondin). You can try that too for a nice punch. Then sprinkle with some dried chili flakes. Turn off the heat. Be sure to cook this on high heat. Add the chili flakes only when the shrimp is almost done because the smoke will hurt your eyes and will make you cough like crazy.

Visit the archives for more similar recipes. 

Aaaaargh! I had very high expectations from this dish! This was supposed to be my rock star breakfast of the week. But the salted eggs disappointed me big time. How, you say? They were not salty at all!!!

The worse part is, I didn't put salt or any seasoning on the rice because I thought the salted duck eggs would suffice. I was sulking when we had this for our breakfast. MF was just sweet enough to finish his share. 

Anyway, if you decide to cook this, make sure that you buy decent salted duck eggs. DO NOT buy SM BONUS Salted Eggs! They cost around P24 for 4 eggs. It should have been labeled as boiled duck eggs and not salted eggs. At first I thought the rice cut the saltiness but when we ate this as is, they were really tasteless. I feel really bad for my P24...

You're gonna need the leftovers from this dish. Just heat in a little oil then add some cold mashed rice. Mix well. Add chopped red eggs. Taste. Season with salt, soy sauce or Maggi Savor if you need to. I hope you'll have a better breakfast than I did. 

When I was a kid, we used to hoard Poppycock popcorn in different flavors. They're too expensive now. This has got to be the closest thing to that without breaking the bank. I might be late with this thing but I'm still posting this anyway because I find it really good. And if I like something, I like sharing it. 

If you've been following this blog, you'd know that I adore dark chocolate. And I love nuts in my chocolate. So this is love, love, love! I was craving for popcorn and asked MF if he could buy one tub of Chef Tony's. We went to SM Makati's snack bar and saw this. I immediately snatched one tub. This costs P149.75. 

I was thinking that maybe it only has a few almond pieces because of the price. Lo and behold!

Ooops, I forgot. MF raided the almonds first so there are only a few pieces in this picture. But there was enough  to keep the both of us satisfied. Promise!

The popcorn is not too sweet because of the dark chocolate. It still retains the signature Chef Tony's sweet/salty taste. The almonds are fresh and crunchy. They're roasted just right. This is a limited edition so if you're looking for a healthy (popcorn + dark chocolate + almonds = healthy, right?) snack, grab a tub and enjoy!

Not having so much inside the fridge and pantry stretches my creativity. This was our dinner last Monday night. I was still unsure of what to cook or how to cook these shrimps when I got to the kitchen but I somehow managed to cook a wonderful dish. 

Saute some thinly sliced tomatoes in oil. When the tomatoes are limp, add some thinly sliced onions. When the onions are translucent, add some chopped garlic. Add the shrimps when the garlic is fragrant. I used 10 shrimps. Add some oyster sauce, about 5T. Add some Maggi Savor Classic, about 8 shakes. Then add the juice of one calamansi (calamondin). You can also use lemon but just use 1T or less. Taste to be sure. Mix well.  And that's it! 

The sauce was absolutely flavorful and it went well with the rice. MF finished about 2 cups of rice. 

I haven't been to the Landmark supermarket but I bought a tube of Pringles Grilled Shrimp Flavor at the snack bar at SM Makati and it only costs P64.75. And it's only last Saturday that I got to read the fine print: Sold in ASEAN ONLY. Read my post here.
This recipe utilizes the leftovers from this dish. It's quite easy to make breakfast bentos once you get the hang of recycling leftovers. For this dish you will need:

  • some leftover chicken chunks cut into smaller pieces
  • a few thinly sliced leeks
  • cold rice
  • garlic crunch
  • scrambled egg
  • Maggi Savor Classic
Heat a little oil in a pan. Add the chicken cuts. Add the leeks and the garlic crunch. Add the sauce from the sweet chili prawn chicken chunks. Mix in the rice. Add the scrambled eggs and season with Maggi Savor Classic or soy sauce. Be sure to cook on high heat. Mix fast but mix well. 

I cooked this at night and popped it into the microwave for breakfast in the office. MF enjoyed this with some hot Swiss Miss.

I'm tired of egg foo young. Why is it that it's so hard to be creative with crab meat? My mind was set on cooking egg foo young for Saturday night's dinner but as I was chopping the ingredients, I had another thought. = )

I cooked the crab meat in some oil. Then I added the julienned tomatoes in the center, creating a well. When the tomatoes were limp, I added some chopped garlic and mixed everything together. I then added some sliced onions. Allow the vegetables to cook.  Add some Kikkoman. To measure, pour Kikkoman onto its cap (that is if you have the mineral water sized Kikkoman). About 2 caps will do. Mix. Add 1-2T mirin. Add 1.5T crispy chili prawn. Mix. Add one beaten egg and mix fast. Allow the egg to cook. Serve this with rice. 

I never thought this dish would turn out to be so delicious! You should really try this and give me your feedback.

Isn't that glaze gorgeous? I like playing around with leftovers. The secret to recycling food and experimenting is a pantry full of seasonings and odd items - sesame seeds, grated cheeses, a pack of cream, tamarind sauce and in this case, mirin and Malaysian chili prawn.

This was our dinner last Friday night. Boys can do this. It's so easy. Cut a large chicken breast fillet into chunks. Fry. When the chicken is done, add some garlic. Oh, be sure to fry the chicken in high heat to retain its moisture. When the garlic is a bit brown, add some Kikkoman, enough to cover half of the chicken. Let this simmer for 1 minute. Add some mirin, about 3T. Stir and let simmer until half of the liquid has evaporated. Remember to stir from time to time to avoid burning. Drizzle some honey. Mix. Add 2 heaping tablespoons of chili prawn. Mix well until all the pieces are coated. Turn off heat and serve with rice. 

Oh,, my. This tasted like barbecue with an Asian twist! MF loved it and so did I! 
As I've mentioned in one of my earlier posts, we've been bringing some breakfast bentos too. Here's an example of a quick "to-go" breakfast.

I bought the panini at French Baker, P69 for 4 pieces. I toasted a piece then sliced it in the middle to create 2 triangles then stuffed them with homemade tuna spread. I don't like the instant ones you can find in the grocery. I prefer "real" tuna chunks. I also cut up an orange. It was very juicy but tasteless. MF just tasted one and gave up. So I was left to finish everything in the bag. I didn't mind. It was natural vitamin C. I'm kuripot like that. 

This is the recipe for the tuna spread:
  • 1 can Century Tuna flakes in oil
  • 1 big pack of mayo 
  • half a shallot
  • 1 small can pineapple tidbits
  • sea salt and pepper to taste
  • grated Romano cheese
Drain the tuna then just mix everything. This filled all the panini plus some leftovers enough for another sandwich or two. How can you skip breakfast when you can have something as easy as this to prepare?

Who doesn't love Pringles? When I was a kid, my mom used to go to Cartimar to buy PX goods, imported goods - chocolates, soaps, lotions, canned food and snacks such as Pringles. My mom raised us single-handedly when our father left us that's why she needed the extra income. And no, I don't come from a broken family. I've had and still have all the fatherly love that I need and deserve thanks to my Ninong, our family lawyer and other father figures in my life. If my father had stayed, then I can absolutely say that I am from a broken family. I'm actually proud that I was raised in such an environment. I wouldn't be the woman that I am had not it been for this unique experience.

Enough of the drama. Aside from her regular job, my mom used to hoard these goodies. This was way back in the early '80's when imported goods were scarce and too expensive. She would sell these to her officemates and friends so that she can earn extra. That was my first taste of Pringles. It became a staple in our house. 

I can still remember my ultimate favorite Pringles flavor. It was a corn/ranch variety. I think it had cornmeal mixed in it as you can clearly taste and chew the corn. It was really good. Too bad they phased it out a few years later. Fast forward to 15 years. There was a time in my life when chips were banned in my diet. But as my health became better, I started eating chips again. But not too much. Maybe once every 3 months or so. Or when I have a craving for it. When that happens, I usually reach for popcorn or nachos and make my own salsa.

The regular Pringles that I buy is the sour cream flavor. We went to the mall last Saturday to celebrate my birthday (which is long overdue). Of course, I needed my weekly Watsons fix. I saw this on the way to the cashier. The pink packaging had me. Plus there was a picture of a shrimp. Pink + Shrimp + Pringles = Love. 

MF said that it probably won't taste good. I told him we wouldn't know until we try. So I bought one tube. If you like those shrimp chips that are served in Chinese restaurants while you're waiting for your food, then you'll like this. It has a subtle shrimp flavor with a hint of onions but still retains the signature Pringles texture and crunch. This is exactly like any other Pringles except for the Asian-like flavor. 

                                             Love the pink chips!

This costs P70 at Watsons. It might be cheaper at Landmark. I'll check the next time I'm doing my grocery and will give you an update. Definitely repurchase (or hoard). This might be a limited edition thing.

I love mixing and matching flavors. I just imagine how one food/dish/ingredient tastes like then look for something that will complement it. In this case, it's the canned Japanese Pacific Saury that I love and the all time Filipino favorite tofu with  a soy sauce, sugar and vinegar sauce. I used Sukang Pinakurat. If you don't have it, you can substitute regular vinegar. You can view the recipe here.

I'm no snob when it comes to canned or instant food. There are times when you just have to take off the superwoman hat (or cape) and admit that you're tired. I'm certainly no Bree that will do everything from scratch. I need a little help every now and then. 

This was a semi-instant dish but it made our bellies full and our hearts warm.
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Finally! I was able to take pictures of the infamous afritada! I have to admit, though. I screwed this up. It was too salty so I added more water. The soup is too thin but still so, sooooo good. I don't think I can botch this recipe. Remember the Christmas afritada?

There are only 2 chicken pieces hidden in there. I purposely put more vegetables than meat so sorry if you can't see the chickens.

To get this recipe, please click here and here. The Christmas afritada is the best!
This is what happens when I'm running late on a Monday morning. I screw up the baon. Even though the appearance is not so appetizing, I still make sure that the taste is good. 

We have our breakfast in the office. Usually, we only pack some bread or muffins or something that doesn't need reheating and is not troublesome to pack. I still refuse to buy food even from reputable sources. Budget, budget, budget.

But last week, my officemates were eating fried rice almost everyday and we had breakfast together. I can't resist the smell of fried rice so I told them that it smelled really good. They said that it only costs P5! 3 viands plus one rice = P25! So imagine my shock (and probably horror). I couldn't believe it! Where in the world did the cooks get the ingredients for a 5-peso fried rice? Must be leftovers but still... Oh, for international readers, that's like half a dollar or less. Does that raise any eyebrows or what?

So during the weekend, I was determined to make fried rice for our Monday morning breakfast. Luckily, we had leftover adobo from our Sunday lunch. I asked the waiter to pack this for take away. (Yes, I don't leave food on the table even when I'm eating out. When we eat at fast foods, we usually get the leftovers (even the bones) to take home to our cats. That's how much I hate wasting food. ) This will be perfect for fried rice, I thought. 

For the fried rice, I heated a little oil in a pan. Then dumped the adobo flakes. I added some garlic crunch and chopped spring onions. Then I added the rice. I seasoned everything with Maggi Savor classic. I cooked this on Sunday night. The eggs, on Monday morning.

Since I was running late, I was in such a rush that I broke the yolk of MF's egg so that's how it came out. (Ooooops!) It was okay because he wants well done eggs. I, on the other hand, like runny eggs. If you noticed, I cut off the white part. I only eat the yolk. For some reason, I have difficulty breathing when I eat the egg whites.

Yes, the four containers were all filled with rice and we finished everything. Burp!

If you're craving Japanese, this is a quick dish to satisfy you. You will need a few slices of chicken breast fillet. I used 2 big ones. Pound them with your fist to make them flatter. Cut into strips. Season with salt and pepper. Beat an egg in a bowl. Dredge the chicken pieces in flour then dip in the beaten egg. Then dredge in panko (Japanese breadcrumbs). I was able to buy panko that comes in a single serve sachet. I think the brand is "The Good Life". It costs only P10. This was my problem with panko. Before, there were only the big bags of panko available in the grocery. I can't serve fried dishes everyday, can I? So what happens is half of the panko gets left in a jar until it expires. So sayang. I'm really happy that they finally came out with small bags. 

Fry the chicken pieces in oil then transfer to a plate lined with paper towels. 

For the sauce, you can use catsup, bottled tonkatsu sauce (Bulldog brand) or this:

Mix equal portions of mirin, sake and rice vinegar. Add some Kikkoman and grated ginger. Heat this mixture on low heat. Add some brown sugar, depending on how sweet you want your sauce to be. I also added about 1T honey. The sauce won't get too thick. Or maybe I put a little too much rice vinegar. But it still tastes good. You can also use this dip for tempura. Yum!

I can't eat fried food without a side dish. Since we still had some leftover mung beans, I decided to make it into yakisoba flavored mung beans. After all, mung beans are one of the ingredients in yakisoba. Or is it an extender? 

Saute some sliced onions in a pan. When translucent, add the washed mung beans. Season with bottled yakisoba sauce, a little Kikkoman and mirin. That's it! 

I only ate about 3 pieces of torikatsu with less than half a cup of rice plus a few servings of the mung beans but I got so full already! 

Torikatsu on FoodistaTorikatsu

Because we still had some leftover ground beef, I decided to make some spicy beef wraps for dinner. Master Fryer loves spicy food but I can't tolerate too much spice. For this recipe, I used one whole green finger chili. 

In a pan, put a little oil and brown the ground beef sirloin. If needed, add a little more oil then add some chopped tomatoes. When the tomatoes are a bit wilted, add some chopped onions. Then add the sliced chili then some sliced fresh button mushrooms. Season with chili, Spanish paprika, salt and pepper. 

Put about 1-2T of the beef mixture on a heated whole wheat tortilla. Top with some quickmelt cheese and tomato catsup.

We removed the chili first before eating. You can leave them there if you like chilis. Be sure to allot at least 3 pieces for each person. Just 2 pieces is simply bitin. Serve with your favorite iced drink.

And because we only had 2 each, we got leftovers which I used for baon. I just added some black olives to kick up the taste. Simply marvelous! 

Migraine Boy aka Master Fryer is the typical Pinoy who loves sweet pasta. I made this dish for him. I don't like sweet pasta and I always look for my herbs in a pasta. This is also kid-friendly for all you international readers out there. And don't worry, this isn't sickeningly sweet. 

Boil pasta according to package directions. This is the other half of the pasta from my previous post. I cooked this after a few days. In a pan, put a little oil then brown some ground sirloin beef. Wait till all the liquid has evaporated then add a little oil if needed. Add some chopped garlic and onions. And because I can't eat an all-meat pasta, I added some button mushrooms. Season with salt and pepper then add Del Monte Filipino-Style Spaghetti Sauce. For international readers, you can probably find this in Asian/Filipino groceries. If you can't find one, you can add sugar to the tomato sauce. Some Filipinos also add banana ketchup to make it sweet. I served this with some buttered-garlic baguette. I bought a baguette at French Baker and asked them to slice it for me. I just slathered some butter and sprinkled some bottled garlic chips from Iligan. (They're the makers of Sukang Pinakurat). Toast for a few minutes.  

Master Fryer wolfed down half of this plus 2 slices of baguette.