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Thursday, August 17, 2017

I originally wanted to cook a simple vegetable dish with cabbage and white sauce but when I checked, the cabbage wasn't fresh anymore so I threw that away and scratched the recipe in my head.  While throwing the cabbage in the bin, I remembered that I had some French beans so I thought of using those. I also decided to change the white sauce to dark and used oyster sauce and soy sauce. 

You need:

Your choice of vegetables
In this recipe I used:
French beans 
Green bell peppers
hard boiled quail eggs


(I didn't put the exact measurements for the sauce because I just eyeballed it. I also want to encourage my readers to experiment and not be afraid to taste as they go. Cooking is not an exact science.)

soy sauce
oyster sauce
fish sauce (about half a teaspoon)
sugar (about a teaspoon)
salt and pepper

Mix everything (except cornstarch slurry) together in a small bowl. 

cornstarch slurry (teaspoon of cornstarch dissolved in a little bit of water)

Let's do this!

Chop your vegetables. In a pan, heat some oil. Add the chopped onions. Then add the vegetables. Put the longest to cook first and stir fry on high heat. Add the hard boiled quail eggs and the sauce. Mix together and simmer for a minute or two. Add the cornstarch slurry and mix. 

I served this with some oven-roasted pork belly. 


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

We went to Zubuchon for my son's birthday dinner. As you may know, Zubuchon is the restaurant of Marketman. I went with my family including my mom and sister. I didn't even know that there was already a Zubuchon in Makati. I only discovered it one night while I was browsing through the restaurants on Food Panda, looking for some takeaway food. 

The interiors are simple and elegant, very Marketman style. 

The restaurant is spacious and there is an outdoor space which I think can be used for events. 

Love the red plates. Complimentary peanuts were given while waiting for our meal. 

My sister ordered this Kalabasa or squash soup. I didn't like it. The texture and taste were just weird for me. Maybe I got used to pumpkin soup too much. My sister liked it though but then she had allergies after eating it. 

Of course, we ordered the famous lechon. However, being used to lechon sauce, we didn't like it. I think it's a Manileno thing. This particular batch didn't have too much flavor. I didn't like to eat it with vinegar because I get tummy aches when I eat food with vinegar at night. Also, I wanted to see if the lechon will stand up on its own. For me, it didn't. Sorry, Anthony. It's not for me. Maybe this was a fluke batch. We were not able to finish this order. I brought it home, put it in the freezer and after our vacation, added it to a vegetable dish. 

I also ordered ginataang langka or jackfruit which is my favorite. The flavor was good but I was disappointed with the presentation. The jackfruit were cut into huge chunks and was a bit hard to eat. I had to make sure that my chunk would not accidentally fly off to my mom's plate... or to the other table. It was good though. 

Next is this stuffed crab. I didn't eat a lot of it because I was scared of allergies but it was okay. My husband and sister enjoyed it. On the other hand, the pancit was spot on. For me, it was the star of the dinner. It was sumptuous. The texture was perfect. There was a good noodle to toppings ratio. I'm a noodle person so this was perfect for me. I'd be happy to order just this if we eat there again. 

For dessert, I think my sister ordered budbud kabog. I'm sorry, I wasn't able to taste this but she said it was good. She also ordered kamias shake which was demolished in no time. 

We ordered leche flan for dessert but was very disappointed. I like my leche flan smooth but also firm. This was just too mushy for us. We shared this order but still had a hard time finishing it. My son didn't like it also. 

See how mushy it is.

I paid over P1,600 for this meal. There were 4 adults and one 4-year old. We also had 3 PWD ID's so we were entitled to a discount. This amount was already the discounted amount. We brought home a lot of leftovers after this meal. 

They also offer a lot of to-go items from Cebu and I believe you can also order the lechon to-go or frozen. If you want delivery, they are on Food Panda. If Makati is too far for you, Zubuchon will also open in Megamall soon. 


Saturday, April 22, 2017

It's Saturday! I got up late, well, later than my usual sched and I didn't want to cook an elaborate breakfast so I made these. These breakfast quesadillas are super easy to make. You only need 3 ingredients.

You need:

Tortilla rounds
Crushed almonds

Let's do this!

Spread some Nutella on a tortilla. Top with crushed almonds. Put another tortilla on top to close. Pop in the oven for about 3 minutes or just until heated through. You can also do this on a nonstick pan on the stove top. Just flip the quesadillas for even heating.

Take out of the oven and use a pizza cutter to cut into wedges. You can also drizzle some chocolate syrup, top with whipped cream and sliced fresh fruits. Enjoy!

Friday, December 9, 2016

I am sharing this to all parents, guardians and carers of kids who go to Kidzoona. This incident happened today at the newly opened Century City Mall branch.

We are regulars at the Waltermart branch and have also tried the branch at Shangri-La.

We were excited to try out the Century City Mall branch. My 3-year old son played with the usual food stations and when he got bored, he asked me to go with him to the slides.

I already knew that this was a steep slide. As usual, I went up with my son. He is still scared of going down slides on his own but there are times when he goes down alone and I wait to catch him at the bottom.

I put him on my lap and down we went. I was scared midway because we were going down too fast and knew we were losing control. I ended up lying flat on my back with my head hitting the balls. It was painful. I was thankful that I went down with my son or he could have gotten seriously hurt. I decided that this was too dangerous for my son. My nape was painful as well as the bottom of my head. Although the Shangri-La slide was steep, I did not end up flat on my back when we went down.

We went to the green spiral slide next as I thought that it would be safer. I was wrong! It was also very, very slippery! So slippery, that we lost control again and my body twisted to my side and again, fell flat on the balls. This was another painful fall and I'm glad that I was there to cushion my son's fall.

I also ended up getting burns on my elbow.

I went to the girl on the counter and asked for some medicine. She applied some burn ointment and told me to be careful next time. I told her the slides were too slippery and we weren't used to them being that slippery in other branches. 

I then talked to the Manager on duty about the slides. I asked if they put wax on it. He said that they put some silicone on it once a week only because if they applied more frequently, the slides would be very, very slippery. I told him they already were! I also told him that I hurt my head and showed him my elbow. 

I asked another mom present, who also went down the slide but on her own, if she found it too be too slippery. She said yes and that she was surprised that she zoomed down too fast. I watched her daughter go down and she too fell flat on her back. I told her about what happened to us and about the green spiral slide. She said that she found the placement of that particular slide to be very dangerous as it was too slippery and it was very near the walls. The momentum would cause a serious accident that's why she didn't let her kids play there. 

I also warned another mom with a little girl (about a year and a half old) to not let her child go down the banana slide. As you can see, all the slides were very shiny, probably from the product they use. 

The manager proceeded to get a rag and a spray bottle and started wiping the slides. He said that he will remove the silicone as he was worried that someone else might get an accident. I already wrote to the Aeon Fantasy Group, the company who owns Kidzoona and I am awaiting their reply. My neck hurts (it feels like I have stiff neck), my shoulder hurts and a part of my chest hurts. I can feel it especially when I lift things such as a pitcher to pour water. The manager told me to get a checkup and I asked if they will shoulder bill to which he replied, "he will consider it". 

Please be careful when you use the slides at Kidzoona, no matter what branch. Supervise your children, especially the small ones. 

I will be publishing my story in all my blogs so as to inform parents and carers about our experience so they can take extra caution when playing at Kidzoona. 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Aahh, soup. My son and I love soup. If we had our way, we would eat soup at least thrice a week. But, alas, my husband needs his rice so we rarely have soup. We can only have it during lunch time when it's just the two of us. Here is one soup recipe that my 3-year old liked.

You need:

kani (fake crab), sliced into bite size pieces
frozen shrimp
4 cups fresh milk
onion, diced
red capsicum, chopped
water or chicken broth
if using plain water, 2 chicken cubes
canned corn kernels
4 tablespoons butter
1 tetra brick Nestle cream
1/3 cup flour
dried parsley
In a bowl, mix together a little bit of each- salt, pepper, ginger powder, nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice 

Let's do this!

Melt the butter in a pot. Add the onions and cook until translucent. Add the capsicum. Add the flour and blend, cooking for 2-3 minutes. Be sure to cook the flour to avoid that raw flour taste. Whisk in the broth or water. Add the cubes if using water. Add the milk and stir. Let this simmer until steamy. Add the cream. Add the corn, shrimp and kani. Mix and cook for 3 minutes or more, depending on how big your shrimps are. Add the parsley and seasoning mix. Taste and adjust seasoning as needed. 


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

One of our friends in Toys R Us commented that she didn't like the mechado she ate for lunch. She said it wasn't delicious and so she was not satisfied. I had a tray of beef ribs in the freezer and so I decided to make some mechado. Please note though that my version does not have liver spread. I don't know if you can still call it mechado without that but what the heck. It was still delicious!

You need:

beef ribs
frozen peas
red bell pepper
1 medium pack Del Monte tomato sauce
1 tablespoon tomato paste
salt and pepper
2 beef cubes
dark soy sauce
bay leaf

Let's do this!

I used my multicooker for this dish but you can cook it on the stove top.

I first boiled the meat in some water, black peppercorns and bay leaf. I cooked the meat until tender, about 3-4 hours on 160C. Be sure to remove the scum.

I got the meat and drained the water as well as the peppercorns and bay leaf. I sauteed some garlic and onions. Then in went the meat to brown. I added the vegetables (carrots, potatoes, peas and red capsicum). I cooked those for 1 minute.

Add the tomato sauce and tomato paste. Stir. Add some water (1-2 cups) and 2 beef cubes. Stir to combine. Add a tablespoon of dark soy sauce and pepper. Let this mixture boil then lower heat to 140C and cook for 30 minutes. Taste and adjust seasoning.

Be sure to check the liquid level every now and then as the mixture might dry up. Enjoy with freshly cooked rice!


Friday, November 25, 2016

I have been in a cooking funk lately that's why the blog has been quiet. I have a lot of backlog posts but I just don't have the energy to write posts and publish them. We have been very busy with homeschool, school activities, dealing with sickness and helping out my mom with her bazaar. Today is a quiet day and so I decided to write some posts.

You know me, I hate wasting food that is why I recycle ingredients and dishes as much as I can. I think this was a sweet beef dish that I chopped up and turned into fried rice. The ingredients are simple and the method,even simpler.

You need:

leftover meat dish, chop up the meat into small pieces
cabbage, sliced
chopped garlic
seasoning of your choice or you can use the sauce from the meat dish which was what I used here
cold rice

Let's do this!

Heat some oil in a wok. Add the garlic and cook until fragrant. Add the meat and heat through. Add the cabbage slices and cook for a minute. Add the rice and break up the clumps. I break up the clumps using my hands before I pour them into the wok. Mix. Add the sauce from the meat dish and mix well, coating each grain of rice. Taste. Adjust seasoning if required. Season with pepper. 

That's it! You have a complete dish in under 10 minutes!

Friday, November 11, 2016

This is a really yummy snack. I tried another crunchy waffle snack from another brand but I didn't like it very much so I didn't have high hopes for this. But, I was in for a wonderful surprise. This was really good that my son and husband demolished 90% of it. There were only a few pieces left after merienda. 

I like that this is chocolatey without being overly sweet. It's more like a dark chocolate waffle which my son really likes. The crunch is just right too. It's really addicting, I tell you! This snack (or breakfast to-go) is available at S&R. 



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