Dinner Menu Idea - Chicken, Mojos and Salad

If you're feeling a bit harassed, here's a simple dinner menu for your family. For the fried chicken, you can use a homemade marinade, recipes here and here or you can use an instant breading. I use Crispy Fry breading mix when I'm pressed for time. 

While you're frying the chicken, prepare the mojos. (Recipe to follow)

After frying the chicken, fry the mojos. Be sure to change the oil. 

While frying the mojos, assemble your simple salad of red lettuce and croutons. The croutons are pre-made and pre-packed. Serve the salad with dressing of your choice. We usually have Caesar dressing on stock. 

You can serve these with rice or some dinner rolls. You'll have a very filling dinner in no time.


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