Wednesday, August 21, 2013

In-Flight Snacks

So, I hope everyone in Manila is safe and dry. We have been experiencing heavy rains and flooding for the past few days.

I will be writing a series of posts about my Malaysia trip. This will focus on food. If you want to see other photos and read about other stuff I did there, please visit my lifestyle blog.

Let’s start with my in-flight snack:


Nothing like Ms. Hello Kitty to brighten up my morning

I don’t buy food from the plane as they are waaaay overpriced. Good thing cousin C and I did some grocery shopping 2 days before the trip. We stocked up on a lot of goodies and so I brought some with me. You can get this Hello Kitty snack from Landmark, by the way.


They tasted different than the chocolate filled biscuits I’m used to. They had an after taste but they were okay. I finished the small pouch. Our flight was at 7:40 AM but it was delayed for a few minutes so I was already hungry during the flight. If it didn’t taste nice, I would have finished it anyway.


Downed it all with this cute Air Asia Café bullet water. Next – what we ate when we got to Kuala Lumpur and some cool grocery finds.

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