Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Maggi Hot Cup Tom Yam


Got this at the supermarket beside the hotel in Malaysia. My husband loves Tom Yum soup and I thought I’d buy one to bring home to him but one night we found ourselves without dinner so I opened the cup.



It’s not as good as the authentic tom yum but I like it. It tastes okay for me (well, especially on an empty stomach!). It’s not too spicy. It’s just right. It also has the right sour notes. I also like the fact that I was able to digest it and it didn’t give me tummy aches which most cup noodles do. I also love the fork!


I was actually surprised that it came with one! We don’t have this here in Manila and our cup noodles most certainly don’t come with utensils. I liked the fork so much that I didn’t use one and brought it home with me. (I actually opened 2 cups during my stay there).Yes, I’m mababaw like that.

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